Tom Cruise might have ‘saved Hollywood’s ass,’ but he can’t defeat Norwegian red tape and bureaucracy

tom cruise
via Tom Cruise/Twitter

He might have no issues whatsoever with putting his life on the line to deliver some of the most awe-inspiring stunts you’ll ever see, and was anointed as the savior of Hollywood by none other than Steven Spielberg thanks to the massive success of Top Gun: Maverick, but not even Tom Cruise can overcome the power of red tape and bureaucracy.

Having been the center of attention for the last week thanks in part to the widespread conspiracy theories surrounding his absence from the Academy Awards – before he captured the imagination of comic book connoisseurs everywhere by praising The Flash as a top-tier blockbuster and box office smash hit in the making – Cruise has found himself thwarted by the Norwegian authorities.

mission impossible dead reckoning
via Paramount

The A-list superstar is currently on the other side of the planet shooting Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, but the production has been denied permission to obtain upwards of 40 helicopter landing permits on the Svalbard archipelago due to concerns that it could disturb the wildlife and cause damage to the habitat.

While director Christopher McQuarrie and his crew have been filming on location in the protected area, they might have to come up with some new ideas after the Svalbard governor turned down requests to begin flying choppers in and out on a regular basis. Questioned by the local newspaper, Cruise simply responded by saying that “it’s wonderful to be here.”

Cruise has been used to getting his own way for decades, but when it comes to the environment, not even that megawatt smile can sway those tasked to keep Svalbard as intact as possible.