Mortal Kombat Producer Teases First Trailer Release Date


The James Wan-produced reboot of Mortal Kombat may have wrapped shooting over a month ago, but we’re still a year out from the movie’s January 2021 release date, and with no official plot details or images of the cast in character having been revealed yet, fans have been relying solely on set photos to get their only real look at the project.

As is the case with most on-set pictures, the information has been limited to logo teases and arenas that will be familiar to players of the long-running video game series, but with Mortal Kombat now set to enter post-production, it will surely only be a matter of time before we get to feast our eyes on something more substantial.

The cast have done a great job so far of building anticipation for the R-rated return of the franchise to the big screen, with star Mehcad Brooks, who plays Jax, claiming we aren’t ready to see the fighting style he’s developed for his character, while Lewis Tan has described the choreography for the climactic action sequence as mind-blowing, and it hasn’t even been announced who he’s playing yet.

At least those involved in the production have remained active on social media to keep people updated on the progress of Mortal Kombat, but unfortunately a recent Twitter exchange between a fan and producer Todd Garner has indicated that it could be a while yet before we see any official footage from the highly-anticipated reboot.

It makes sense to hold off on releasing any trailers or promo spots from Mortal Kombat until the summer, because not only does that stop the marketing team from running out of fresh material with months still to go until release, but it also allows the cast and filmmakers to hit the convention circuit all over the world, where these kind of movies always generate the most buzz. After all, San Diego Comic-Con kicks off in the last week of July, and that would be the ideal place for James Wan and his crew to drop the first real look at what they’ve been cooking up.