‘Uncharted’ director reveals his favorite video game Easter Egg


Uncharted is now in theaters around the world, and finally lands domestically later this week. The movie adaptation of Sony’s hit video game franchise looks like it’s going to overcome middling reviews to become a box office hit, no doubt bolstered by the popularity of star Tom Holland.

It isn’t an adaptation of a specific game in the franchise, but rather takes inspiration from all of them, notably bringing Uncharted 3‘s awesome desert-based plane crash into live-action. But beyond the big eye-catching moments are many smaller Easter Eggs that only committed fans will spot.

Director Ruben Fleischer revealed in a recent interview with Screen Rant that he pushed for the movie to quote incidental dialogue from the games, with one in particular standing out as his favorite.

“We tried to use a lot of Nate’s language from the video games or lines. “Oh crap” is something that he’s notorious for saying, and that’s actually the first line of the film, as well as, I believe, the last line in the film. But we also have a moment when they’re trapped in a well and Nate says, “Well, well, well,” which is a homage to the video games, which is my favorite Easter egg in the movie.”

Sony has high hopes that Uncharted – the inaugural release from new production studio PlayStation Productions – will kick off a multi-film series. Other projects in the works include HBO’s The Last of Us, a Netflix series based on car combat game Twisted Metal with Anthony Mackie, and a movie of samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima.

While it’s safe to say that critics aren’t impressed (the movie is currently sitting at 42% on Rotten Tomatoes) a healthy box office may mean more Uncharted will be on the way sooner rather than later. Even so, with Holland reportedly planning a break from acting after several very busy years (and having doubts about his suitability for this role), we may be waiting a while to see Nathan Drake back in action.

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