Watch: Dazzling New Trailer For Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has already exceeded expectations for many fans. That’s not simply because it exists at all, but because Jared Leto is returning to play the Joker, Joe Manganiello is back as Deathstroke, Ezra Miller is shooting new scenes as the Flash from the Fantastic Beasts 3 set, and we get the return of Ben Affleck as Batman.

We got our first taste of what’s coming next year during the DC FanDome event in August with a trailer that showcased a very different movie from the terrible theatrical cut. The expansive runtime is set to deliver on the promises made when Snyder was hyping up the project back in 2016 and now, he’s followed up the initial promo with a new preview, which is pretty similar to the last one but does boast a couple of exciting treats for fans. As Heroic Hollywood notes, it “includes never-before-seen shots of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta,” and also has a new glimpse of Darkseid, “raising his arms while surrounded by Apokoliptian priests.”

One notable thing about these trailers is that they’re edited by Snyder himself rather than a marketing team. In a recent interview, he admitted that being given this freedom was odd, though Warner Bros. allow it because they’re aware of his background in advertising and trust that he knows what he’s doing. In addition, he says that HBO Max is being tolerant and kind about what the director describes as “his meddling.”

Right now, it’s looking like Justice League could have a bona fide second coming and end up as an unlikely hit. Snyder even hinted that the cut might see a limited run on IMAX, with its four-hour runtime making it one of the longest releases on the format to date. Could it really be too much to hope for a sequel continuing the original plans for Darkseid?  That seems like a distant probability at the moment, but let’s not forget that the Snyder Cut once felt that way, too.