Watch: Final Mulan Trailer Teases An Action-Packed Remake


The curious case of Mulan is quickly becoming one of the most interesting sagas of the year. At least, as far as cinema goes.

If you’ll recall, it was originally supposed to hit theaters in March before being delayed to the end of August thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Niki Caro’s live-action remake of the beloved animated classic was then pulled from the release calendar entirely, with Disney announcing that for a one-off fee of $29.99, Disney Plus subscribers will be able to watch the film from the comfort of their own homes.

Of course, this news hasn’t gone down too well with a lot of people, and many D+ subscribers aren’t on board with the idea of paying another $30 on top of their monthly fee just to have the privilege of watching Mulan. But unfortunately, the Mouse House has made their decision and it is what it is. And to help ensure that as many people check out the movie as possible, the studio’s now dropped a rather thrilling new trailer, which teases an action-packed remake.

All things considered, Mulan appears to have turned out pretty well in the end and this latest preview is certainly promising. But the question remains: how many Disney Plus subscribers are really going to shell out another $30 in order to watch it?

That remains to be seen, but as one of the most hotly-anticipated blockbusters of the year, and with not much else in the way of big budget movies coming down the pipeline, a lot of folks may decide that it’s worth it. Especially if they have several people in their household. After all, for a family of say 4 to go to the theater and watch Mulan, it’d be a whole lot more than $30.