Watch: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Reveals A Brand New Ghost


We’re finally getting some more details on Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife, with the much-anticipated sequel now expected to arrive on screens in June this year. A few days ago, we received images of the new, younger recruits taking on the supernatural, as well as reports that original franchise director Ivan Reitman cried upon seeing his son’s work. Now, a new clip has emerged of one of the ghost designs for the movie, showing Muncher, a Slimer-like spirit.

Somewhat unusually, the footage didn’t come through conventional marketing channels, but via a segment of the Spanish version of MasterChef Junior. Although we did get a very brief glimpse of Muncher in the Afterlife trailer, this appearance, available above, provides a much better look at what appears to be a blue Slimer who’s hit on hard times.

A clip from the show seems to depict its presenters in Ghostbusters outfits, who lead a group of very excited children onto a set that includes Ecto-1 and what may be a nod to the farmhouse setting of the film. Muncher appears to be hanging from a pylon over a pool of blue slime, while the iconic series theme tune plays in the background. I’m not quite sure what the task in question is, but the kids have to dive into the slime and retrieve items.

We have high hopes for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which promises to continue with storylines established in the original films, rather than the controversially-received 2016 effort. A young cast including Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace, plus turns from the original actors, should bring together the old and the new in ways that will stay true to the comedy and horror of the 1980s entries. I’m still not quite sure about Muncher, though, but I guess it’s not fair to judge until we see him in action come June 11th.