Watch: Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Trailer Brings The Nightmare To Life


While Hollywood finally appears to have settled on a winning formula for big screen video game adaptations, one specific project that the industry has been sitting on for some time seems under threat of sinking into an escapable development hell. Based on Scott Cawthon’s mega popular indie horror series of the same name, Warner Bros. Pictures, despite its best efforts, failed to produce a live-action Five Nights At Freddy’s after acquiring the film rights way back in 2015.

Last we heard, Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions stepped in to tackle the project after WB couldn’t get things moving and Blum has already voiced a desire to have Jamie Lee Curtis star in the movie, though little else besides has surfaced in the years since. With COVID-19 no doubt representing yet another hurdle for Blum and the rest of the production team to jump over in order to bring Freddy Fazbear and his posse of murderous animatronics to life in the medium, then, it’s currently on the fans to keep the dream alive.

Freelance video editor Billy Crammer has been doing exactly that in his spare time, having created his own fan-made trailer for Five Nights At Freddy’s. Impressive as always, you can check it out up above.

Crammer’s creation certainly ticks all the right boxes in terms of tone and atmosphere and, while not official by any means, at least serves as a terrific proof of concept ahead of the real deal, so to speak. If the rumored 2021 theatrical release window currently doing the rounds online is anything to go by, Five Nights At Freddy’s could well make its way to cinemas around this time next year to capitalize on Halloween, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see.

On a more positive note, Cawthon confirmed last month that a new installment in the core video game series, Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, is headed to the PlayStation 4, 5 and PC in the near future. See here for the official trailer.