Watch: Ryan Reynolds meets his younger self in first ‘The Adam Project’ clip


We’ve been hearing nothing but good things from Netflix’s upcoming time travel adventure The Adam Project, with all the signs pointing towards director Shawn Levy and star/producer Ryan Reynolds going two-for-two after Free Guy was lauded as one of last year’s best blockbusters.

The first trailer showcased a more thoughtful and emotional movie than many people may have been expecting, especially when the majority of Reynolds’ big budget vehicles tend to rely largely on his rapid-fire stylings and deadpan humor.

Audiences always want to be surprised, though, and there’s a growing feeling that The Adam Project might actually live up to the lofty expectations placed on it by the leading man, who compared it to a string of the best family films to emerge from the glory days of the 1980s.

With the March 11 release date getting ever closer, Netflix have started ratcheting up the marketing campaign by debuting the first full-length clip from The Adam Project, which features the maiden meeting between Reynolds’ title hero and the younger version of himself, as played by newcomer Walker Scobell.

At almost four minutes in length, the footage does an effective job of conveying the style and tone of the sci-fi story, and there’s no doubt plenty more where that came from set to arrive over the next couple of weeks.