WB Reportedly Wants More LGBT Representation In The Matrix Franchise


After 20 years, The Matrix franchise is about to be reloaded. The much-anticipated fourth entry in the iconic sci-fi universe – which has still yet to be given an official title – was shot last year, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning as Neo and Trinity. It’s not all about recapturing the past, though, as the pic will introduce a bunch of new characters, too, as played by the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jessica Henwick.

That cast list immediately makes clear that the movie will be committed to diversifying the franchise more than the original trilogy did, and this is just the start of it, apparently, as there are plans to commit to better representation across the board in future installments. As per the latest rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman on his Patreon page, Warner Bros. wants more LGBT representation in The Matrix world going forward.

If this intel is accurate and this is something the studio is advocating for, then it’s unlikely that they’re having to force it on the filmmakers against their will. After all, Lana Wachowski is directing The Matrix 4 – without her sister Lily this time – and the Wachowskis have long been lauded for the strong queer representation in their productions. So, if this is what WB wants for the franchise, then the director will be likely only too happy to oblige. Typically, creators have to fight against the studios on this sort of thing.

The Wachowskis have previously confirmed that The Matrix can be interpreted as an allegory for the trans experience, something which Keanu Reeves has supported. It’s only natural for this to evolve into some actual on-screen LGBTQ+ rep, then. By the sounds of it, the upcoming sequel itself might not provide much on its own, but it’s something that’ll be improved upon in the intended follow-ups, as a full second trilogy is expected.

The Matrix 4 debuts in theaters and on HBO Max this December 22nd.