WB Reportedly Wants Matt Reeves To Do His Own Superman Movie


After Ben Affleck’s tenure in the cape and cowl failed to become a big hit with general audiences, The Batman is set to relaunch the Dark Knight on the silver screen, with Warner Bros. hoping that they can recapture the glory days of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and Matt Reeves in the director’s chair. In fact, it’s possible that the studio has so much faith in the filmmaker that they’re willing to trust him with that other DC tentpole character, Superman.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources this week – the same ones who previously informed us that a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and that Ben Affleck was returning as the Caped Crusader – that Warner Bros. is making use of the establishing of the multiverse in The Flash movie to open the door to an alternate Superman film, much like The Batman is set in its own continuity separate from the DCEU.

Given this, something they’re considering is inviting Reeves to direct his own take on the Man of Steel down the road. It’s unclear if this Supes film would be set in the same universe as The Batman, but it would make the most sense. Especially as recent set photos heavily suggest that the Man of Steel already exists in the world of Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader (see below).

The concept of asking a Batman director to relaunch the Superman franchise after they’re done playing in the Batcave is something WB have tried twice before, of course. Tim Burton was attached to helm Nicolas Cage in Superman Lives before that was canned, and Nolan later served as producer on Man of Steel. So, if they like what they’re seeing of his film so far, it’s no surprise that execs are ready to hand Reeves the keys to the Fortress of Solitude as well.

Whether he’ll be interested or if this potential Superman project will come to anything, though, is another question. But we’re hearing that this is an avenue that WB are indeed pursuing at this stage.