Warner Bros. Reportedly Worried About Backlash Over Gal Gadot’s Tweet


Gal Gadot has been at the center of a social media storm this week following the Wonder Woman star’s response to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Israeli actress posted a heartfelt plea for peace on both sides online this Wednesday, but she ended up being blasted for her comments as many saw them as empty words and thought Gadot should have instead spoken out against the actions of her country.

This then led to her own history in the Israel Defense Forces entering into the discussion again, causing the internet to throw a lot of extreme allegations at her. It now seems like Gadot is on the verge of being ‘cancelled’ and it apparently has Warner Bros. very worried. Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared a new rumor on his Patreon page claiming that the studio – which has a strong ongoing relationship with Gadot – is getting antsy about all this backlash against one of its biggest stars.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine that Disney might be worried about the bad press currently surrounding Gadot as well. They’re sitting on 20th Century Studios’ Death on the Nile, which features Gadot and Armie Hammer as its leads. The January 2022 release was already called into question over Hammer’s fall from grace and if Gadot’s career goes the same way, you’d have to wonder if the Agatha Christie adaptation will ever see the light of day.

The actress has faced some negativity online in the past, of course. Her two-year stint in the military has come up before now, plus there was that whole debacle over the “Imagine” cover video that she released in the early days of the pandemic. But this current incident is on a completely different scale. Actors’ careers can go south overnight if public opinion has turned against them and it remains to be seen whether Gal Gadot will be able to escape this unscathed.

As things stand, though, she’s still one of the busiest people in Hollywood with numerous projects in the works. Her upcoming movies include Netflix’s Red Notice, Patty Jenkins’ Cleopatra biopic and spy thriller Heart of Stone.

Source: Patreon