Will Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ role be recast in the DCEU? The rumors, explained

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It’s another day, another scandal for The Flash star, Ezra Miller. Just days after Will Smith’s slap heard around the world, news broke that while at a bar in Hawaii, Miller got caught up in yet another scandal, this time involving an arrest made for disorderly conduct, aggressive behavior, and a restraining order. 

The 29-year-old actor apparently caused a scene at the bar when he began yelling obscenities at a person singing karaoke on stage, eventually yanking the microphone from their hands, reported Rolling Stone. In addition, Miller apparently lunged at a patron while they were playing darts, and then to top it off, barged into a couple’s hotel room later that night shouting threats of violence such as “I will burn you and your slut wife.” 

For most people, that’s enough scandal for a lifetime, but not for Miller, whose name landed in the tabloids back in 2020 for a similar stint of aggression. Except this time, it was caught on video. In what appeared to be a semi-joking, semi-violent attack on a woman in Iceland, Miller was observed wrapping his hand around a woman’s neck, choking her, and then throwing her to the ground. 

Just in case that wasn’t enough time in the headlines, earlier this year Miller posted a video to Instagram (now since deleted) in which he threatened a North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Miller gave no context for the video but insisted the members, “kill themselves with their own guns”, or “we’ll do it for you if that’s really what you want.”

While Miller’s behavior was never seen as okay, fans seemingly believed – or hoped – that at it was an isolated incident at first. Now, after bumping against the law several more times, it appears that fans are fed up with Miller’s behavior and demand he be replaced as The Flash in the DCEU. With these demands come the public outcry to give the role to Grant Gustin, the actor who plays The Flash in the CW series.

Will Ezra Miller’s The Flash be recast in the DCEU?

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Shortly after the incident in Hawaii, Rolling Stone released information that DC and Warner Bros. met to discuss the future of Miller in the DCEU, coming to the consensus to hit pause on any and all future projects involving Miller. It appears, however, that Warner Bros. has debunked such claims. Regardless, Miller’s presence in the DCEU is getting rockier by the day.

It’s also been reported that Miller had “frequent breakdowns” on set of The Flash, leaving many to wonder if having Miller play the character is even worth the trouble at all. So, will the actor be recast?

No official news has been made on the topic, but it doesn’t seem likely that Gustin, the actor who plays The Flash on the CW series, will be the one to step in if it does. This is simply because both versions of Berry Allen (Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin’s) exist in two different universes.

Fans of Gustin’s believe the actor deserves the chance to shine even brighter with a larger budget, better special effects, and for the love of God, a better costume. Yet, the chances are slim. However, like anything in the superhero world, it can’t be ruled out.

It’s a much stronger bet to assume that, like his Fantastic Beasts co-star, Johnny Depp, Ezra Miller might have simply too much controversy surrounding his name and that the executives at Warner Bros. would rather recast his role entirely.

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