Zack Snyder Confirms He Didn’t Choose Joss Whedon To Replace Him On Justice League

Justice League

Despite how much attention Warner Bros.’ mishandling of Justice League has got, we still don’t know everything that went on behind the scenes during the turbulent production on the movie. When Zack Snyder was initially revealed to have exited the film, with Joss Whedon taking over for reshoots, it was reported as if Snyder had a hand in choosing his successor. But once the theatrical cut came out and was so incompatible with Zack’s style, we all guessed that was definitely not the case.

The filmmaker himself has now confirmed this once and for all. While speaking on a virtual panel at this weekend’s Justice Con, Snyder was asked if it was his decision to allow someone else to finish up his project. The director revealed that it was his decision to step away from it, due to the tragic situation going on in his home life at the time, but he clarified that he was not involved with choosing Whedon. Snyder remarked that this was done by a “big committee” and his attention was understandably focused elsewhere.

As said above, this fact will surprise no one. It seems a lot like, when Snyder left the director’s chair vacant, WB saw an opportunity to pivot the DCEU closer towards the lighter tone of the MCU and so hired the man who set the template for that in the first place with The Avengers. Needless to say, this wasn’t the right move. At least the studio is well aware of this now and is trying to redeem themselves for that mess by making amends with Snyder and releasing his cut of Justice League on HBO Max next year.

Meanwhile, Cyborg star Ray Fisher has accused Whedon of abusive behavior on set and appears to be working on building a serious case against him. Whedon has yet to respond to the allegations, so we’ll have to see how this situation progresses. On a more positive note, though, fans can look forward to a new Justice League Snyder Cut trailer dropping at DC’s FanDome event next month.