Zack Snyder Says His Cut Of Justice League Is Made For Grownups

Justice League

We got our best look yet at the Snyder Cut of Justice League at last weekend’s DC FanDome event, and it would be an understatement to say that the fans who backed the two and a half year online campaign were more than happy with what they saw. The reassembled version of the DCEU’s all-star movie already looks to be hugely superior to the theatrical release, and with HBO Max releasing it in four hour-long installments, it’s also going to be twice as long as the studio-mandated 120 minute running time of Joss Whedon’s cut.

With Zack Snyder having shot the last of his footage well over three years ago at this point, there’s only a finite amount of new material that can be added into Justice League, although the filmmaker admitted that up to 75% of his take will have never been seen before. However, that hasn’t stopped some criticism from coming his way about how the Snyder Cut trailer bore many similarities to scenes that have been glimpsed in previous marketing materials. The Sucker Punch director had a great response to one such critic, though, which you can check out below:

Obviously the Snyder Cut is going to be heavily comprised of alternate takes and scenes that were already part of the theatrical release, because it isn’t like Justice League went back into production with a full cast and crew. Not only that, but Snyder has already admitted that he’s never seen the theatrical cut of the movie, and by going in blind it was inevitable that some of the plot and story points would match up.

It also seems a little strange for someone like Scott Mendelson, a well-known film critic, to call out the Snyder Cut of Justice League for looking too similar to the version that was released in theaters, when it’s being put together from exactly the same footage with some added post-production tweaks. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the end result is when it hits HBO Max in 2021.