Zack Snyder Wears Ben Affleck’s Cowl To Celebrate Batman Day

Justice League Batman

Zack Snyder may not be in charge of the character’s cinematic adventures anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t celebrate Batman Day like the rest of us. It became obvious from the moment Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced as the sequel to Man of Steel that the Dark Knight was the superhero Snyder always wanted to get his hands on, and he’s hardly been shy in making his fandom known in the years since.

As well as sharing a previously-unseen image of an early Ben Affleck costume test in honor of the actor’s recent 49th birthday, the filmmaker succinctly weighed in on the Catwoman oral sex debate with an image definitively proving that heroes do in fact do that, and it’s canon. To mark yesterday’s celebrations, Snyder did what any of us would do in the same situation, and threw on a genuine Batman cowl from his time at the helm of the DCEU, which you can see below via his Vero page.

It must be nice to have things like that lying around, and who’s to say Snyder doesn’t just wear it around the house when he’s doing chores? Affleck famously wore his Batsuit to his son’s birthday party to be a cool dad, so maybe the Justice League director has done something similar for his own brood, which definitely can’t be ruled out when you consider he’s got eight kids.

The SnyderVerse may be over, but supporters are still championing the legacy of his DCEU trilogy, which continues to trend six months after Justice League hit HBO Max, with the home video release currently dominating the sales chart.