Tim Kusnierek’s Top 10 Remixes Of 2015

1) GTA – Red Lips (Skrillex Remix)

After opening nearly every show this year with his version of GTA’s “Red Lips,” Skrillex has finally released the remix of the year.

The influence of Trollphace here is undeniable, and combined with Skrillex’s impeccable production talent, it’s no wonder why “Red Lips” hits so hard. Crackling under a thunderous storm, ominous vocals, menacing sound design, and a bristling drop make this tune a beast.

Worlds apart from his work with Jack Ü, “Red Lips” is a reminder of why we fell in love with Sonny in the first place.

2) Odesza feat. Shy Girls – All We Need (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

Dzeko & Torres owned the sound of progressive house for 2015 with their remix of “All We Need.”

Zipping leads are drawn into a crushing melody while bursting vocals send the tune into an ecstatic breakdown. Rebounding mids accentuate the topline beautifully, and the bass arrangement provides a stoic platform for the “so good, it’s almost painful” synth lead. Dzeko & Torres just know how to make us happy, and this remix is some of their best work yet.

3) Banks – Beggin For Thread (Hotel Garuda & Gryffin Remix)

Absolutely destroying Banks’ original record, Hotel Garuda and Gryffin came together for the best tropical house remix of 2015, hands-down.

Implementing heart-tugging synth pads and a meandering guitar riff to throw your mind into the clouds, this remix gets off to an impeccable start. Ethereal scats seal the melody as a bona fide classic, and Banks’ vocals are utilized to perfection over a zealous bassline. Miles apart from the original mix, this rendition is the perfect complement to a drive through sunrise.