A Famous DJ, Record Label, And Manga Publisher Teamed Up For New Apparel Line

It just goes to show that anime and manga are things that can be universally loved throughout the world when so many different people and companies can come together to bring a cool new project to life. Grammy Award winner Steve Aoki, famous for his work with groups like Linkin Park, LMFAO, Backstreet Boys, and even famous K-Pop group BTS is apparently also a secret Bleach fan.

Recently, he teamed up with record label Dim Mak and Viz Media to create a limited edition line of clothes featuring original art from the series for fans to enjoy.

“Although the plot of Bleach follows the path of Ichigo Kurosaki, my favorite parts are when we dive into the backstories of the Captains and the Arrancars. I love learning about the underlying core belief systems and reasons for why individuals act the way that they do. By the end of each arc, regardless of being good or evil, we feel compassion and empathy for all the characters.”

Steve Aoki via Press Release

The new apparel line is available now available for purchase here. It will be interesting to see if Viz Media works on any other unique collaborations like this for their properties in the future.