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Formerly controversial rapper shares thoughts on Kanye

"At the end of the day you have freedom of speech."

Ice T at New York Comic Con 2022 - Day 3
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Recently (we know, what else is new?) musician and businessman Kanye West has gotten into trouble for comments made about Jewish people and their faith. Several have cut ties, others in the game have weighed in, and, now, Ice-T is the latest to go do so.

In a new article published on AllHipHop, the rapper, actor and 64-year-old says he does not have an opinion about West’s antics and does not feel it is right to speak on them, but, also adds society has freedom of speech, though it should be carefully used, too.

“I don’t really have any opinion and I don’t want to be somebody trying to slander somebody, that’s not fly. Right now, people want just come out and say s###. I mean, whatever my view, I like to keep that in private. It’s not gangster to come out and talk about somebody like that. I could just say that certain people. Well, if you want to use Kanye and do a lot of things I wouldn’t do. Say a lot of things I wouldn’t say but at the end of the day you have freedom of speech. You just have to watch what you say. So, when you say something, you have to be prepared for the ramifications of what you say and apparently he is.”

Later in the article, the “Cop Killer” singer adds you should not say something you do not mean and people should not go radical just for attention. He then cites an example and says while West has had mental issues, this cannot for sure be used to explain him.

“When they push you in the corner, if they say, ‘well, Ice-T, why you call them a b####?’ I’m going to say because she was a b#### and I’m going to tell why. I’m not talking about your mother. I’m not talking about your sister. I mean not talking about you. I’m talking about this b####. You’re a girl, you got a friend who’s a b####, you got a friend a ho too. See? So, I’m going to be able to back what I’m saying. So, my thing is that if you choose to speak out, just be prepared for the ramifications. I can’t even take it to mental health and all that kind of stuff because how do you know that this is not exactly what they want to do?”

Ice-T will appear next in a work on television called Junkyard Dogs next year. He has no films or music set at this time. On social media, the performer has been an active presence on Twitter. He recently went on a blocking spree ahead of former President Donald Trump announcing a comeback bid for the White House in 2024, has shown off the times he has gotten pedicures and, on occasion has put out a preposterously annoying dad joke or two. One recent one caused great delight and elicited praise from fans.

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