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Jonas Brothers ages | How old are Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas?

It's been a while.

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The Jonas Brothers were a household name in the mid-2000s, and they are back in action once again. As they put on shows, release new music, and continue to be prominent figures in the public eye, you might be left wondering: just how old are these stars?

The band, which consists of three brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick, rose to fame with a string of hit songs and appearances on the Disney Channel. If you grew up in the era of peak Disney Channel, with shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Jonas Brothers.

After breaking up in 2013, the Jonas Brothers reformed in March of 2019. Now much older than when they last graced the stage, many are curious to know how old these famous brothers are now.

How old are the Jonas Brothers?

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The Jonas Brothers first broke onto the scene in 2005, with hit songs like “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000”. Although they still perform at the same level of energy they did when they were younger, they have grown up quite a bit – both in age and style.

The eldest brother Kevin Jonas was born on Nov. 5, 1987, making him 35 years old. Joe Jonas is the second in the line-up and was born on Aug. 15, 1989, making him 34 years old. The youngest of the three band members is Nick Jonas who was born on Sept. 16, 1992. He is 30 years old right now.

While the trio makes headlines, having built their careers in the band, there is actually a fourth Jonas brother! Known as the “Bonus Jonas”, the boys’ much younger brother is named Frankie. He was born on Sept. 28, 2000 and is now 22 years old.

Now a little older than when they first grew to fame, the Jonas Brothers are back and still putting on huge performances for their fans.

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