3 brand new Netflix shows crash straight into the worldwide Top 10

all of us are dead

Yesterday was a big day for subscribers eager to devour as much fresh Netflix content as possible, with the streaming service dropping a trio of high-profile original shows, each of which is set in a distinctly different genre.

High school zombie thriller All of Us Are Dead seemed destined to become the next international phenomenon to emerge from Korea, and that’s exactly what it’s done after the series rocketed to the top of the platform’s global most-watched list just 24 hours after premiering.

However, we can’t forget about darkly comic caper The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, either, with the parody flying straight into fourth position, as per FlixPatrol. If preposterous espionage adventures with a sci-fi element are more your thing, though, In From the Cold also arrived to scratch that itch.

Whether you’re in the mood for teenagers being terrorized by flesh-eating undead, a murder mystery lashed with absurdist humor, or a nonsensically entertaining tale of spy shenanigans and subterfuge, you’re in luck. The only real problem is deciding whether All of Us Are Dead, The Woman in the House, or In From the Cold should be first on your watch-list.

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