7 minutes is all it took this speedrunner to finish ‘Elden Ring’

Elden Ring co-op
Photo via BANDAI NAMCO Europe/YouTube

Elden Ring speedrunner Distortion2 has been at the forefront of the game’s speedrunning community, and now he’s recorded a run that may never be beaten.

Distortion’s latest record-breaking run sets the ‘any percent’ speedrun category record at just 6 minutes and 59 seconds beating the second-fastest time which he also set which was just under 9 minutes.

The run is only possible using exploits and, over the months since launch, players have found a variety of different ways to skip the game’s content. In this latest method, Distortion doesn’t fight a single one of the game’s bosses.

Using glitches he is able to travel around the Lands Between with lightning speed, glitching through boss zones and ultimately receiving the game’s final story ending.

Distortion set the first speedrun record for Elden Ring at just under 30 minutes and, while that used exploits, this new run takes advantage of different more powerful glitches.

Elden Ring when played normally is an incredibly different game with a massive world and story. For a player to complete the game without glitches, it would take substantially longer to complete.

Each story boss in the game once defeated gives players a Remembrance. The current record for collecting all of the Rememberances in Elden Ring stands at 1 hour and 31 minutes and was set by Qttsix, according to the speedrun.com board for the game.

It remains to be seen how far this record can be worked down and just how crazy any percent speedrunners can get with the record now set by Distortion.