Derek Jeter and wife Hannah welcome their third baby

Derek Jeter and wife Hannah
Image via sportiqe/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Pro baseball player Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah just welcomed their third baby into the world.

The family of four became a family of five on Dec. 2 after the couple and their two young daughters welcomed River Rose Jeter to the Jeter gang. The couple now shares three daughters: 4-year-old Bella Raine, 2-year-old Story Grey, and recent addition River Rose.

River Rose’s birth was officially announced by Jeter’s media company, The Player’s Tribune. The company’s official Twitter account tweeted out the news on Saturday, Dec. 4 at around 2pm CT.

Many fans of Jeter and his wife were surprised at the news, as the notoriously private couple made no statements that they were expecting prior to the announcement of their newest addition. The couple have said, in interviews, that they strive to keep their kids out of the spotlight so that they can “choose” what they want to be.

“I just want [our kids] to choose [what they want to be],” Hannah Jeter told Entertainment Tonight back in 2017. “I just want them to set their own goals, and have nothing to do with us, because I think it’s not fair. It’s a tough thing, you know, when you have a mom that did this, or a dad that did this. I hope that they don’t have, that people don’t have those expectations for them, and they do what they love and what they’re into.”