Fans argue over which MCU opinions are wrong, defeating the point entirely

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The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The MCU has been going strong for 14 years, having started with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man back in 2008 and expanding beyond our comprehension. As of 2022, Marvel Studios has entered phase four of its filmography and released 34 films and television series thus far, all of which have warranted some clashing opinions. From thinking that every Marvel movie follows the same formula to disliking a much-loved character, Marvel fans have some thought-provoking, albeit controversial opinions.

One thing remains ever-constant in this ever-changing world, though, and that is the simple fact that Marvel fans will always — until the end of time — argue about which films are best, which characters are the most entertaining, and whether the studio is honoring its source material correctly, etcetera. One Reddit user asked Marvel fans if there were any common opinions that they wholeheartedly disagree with—and the responses are exactly what you’d expect.

Generally, Marvel fans dislike Phase Four of the MCU, having reduced the films to nothing more than a corporate cash-grab. However, there are evidently fans out there who think that the franchise is only getting better and welcome the multiverse with open arms.

In 2021, Marvel released its nine-part miniseries WandaVision, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. Originally, it was difficult to determine whether the series would make a name for itself, but we can safely say it has. One Reddit comment turns the tables on Olsen and Bettany’s sitcom, proposing that WandaVision is actually the worst MCU series and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the best, despite popular opinions arguing the opposite.

More recently, the Doctor Strange sequel — Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — piggybacked on the end of WandaVision to further explore Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. Another Reddit comment believes that WandaVision hinted at this character arc for Wanda, and the comments otherwise are unwarranted.

Although Daredevil and Punisher have yet to be properly integrated into the MCU, the Netflix series earned a lot of praise upon release, specifically noting their darker elements as opposed to the rest of the franchise, which shies away from the more mature themes. Likewise with Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders, all of which explored more sensitive topics. Generally, the Marvel-Netflix shows have gained substantial followings; all except Iron Fist, which never quite hit the mark. Among those, Daredevil and Punisher were the long-awaited arrivals even months before release, but one controversial Redditor politely disagrees, saying that Daredevil was “okay” and Punisher was “just bad.”

Even though opinions are debatable, there can never be a “right” or “wrong” opinion, so go forth and share yours.

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