From Olympus to Asgard, how well do you know Kratos, the God of War?

How Well Do You Know Kratos?
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

With God of War Ragnarok finally out in the wild and in the hands of gamers, we finally see the continuation of the tale of the titular God as he deals with the fallout of God of War (2018) while juggling the responsibilities of fathering an increasingly curious teenager.

It’s an absolute joy to play, and is naturally a top contender for Game of the Year, having been recently confirmed to be a finalist, and shortlisted for the coveted title during The 2022 Game Awards, taking place on Dec. 9.

While there were plenty of story developments in the preceding God of War title for newcomers and longtime fans of the franchise to chew on, the aforementioned camp of players may not be overly familiar with Kratos’ exploits before he arrived in Midgard. It was a bloody and brutal mess. Kratos’ kill streak from the earlier titles could spawn a tactical nuke in a Call of Duty lobby, maybe even two.

In real-world terms, Kratos has been hopping around the world leaving little less than pure vengeance in his wake since the dark ages of 2005. How much of his history are you familiar with? Prepare to face your trial – and test your knowledge of gaming’s favorite Spartan with this quiz:

From Olympus to Asgard - how well do you know Kratos, the God of War?

Who was Kratos' first true nemesis?
Who is Kratos' first-born child?
What is imbued into Kratos' skin that gives him his ghostly-white appearance?
Who is Kratos' father?
Who did Kratos kill to cause Nimbulwinter?
Who do Kratos' red tattoos across his body pay reverence to?
In which game(s) did Kratos attempt suicide?
Who gave Kratos the Blades of Chaos?
Who gave Kratos the Leviathan Axe?
How did Kratos earn the mantle of 'God of War?'