Is it just us or are these new ‘American Horror Story NYC’ character images ‘especially heinous?’


American Horror Story: New York is welcoming guests to a new season of terror on Oct. 19, and the series has officially introduced anxious viewers to the character lineup over a series of Tweets. Season 11 is already shaping up to be quite spook-tabular… and a little bit criminal?

Each season of AHS is a fear-inducing journey through a terrifying storyline that dares to creep into the deepest recesses of our memory, hiding there to reappear and profoundly frighten us when we least expect it. Also unexpected: several of the posters for AHS New York, particularly of the gentlemen, have a certain Law and Order-ly vibe. Or maybe we’ve just got Chris Meloni on the brain. In any case, surely somebody will either commit or investigate something especially heinous; and Kal Penn’s dressed for it. Hel-lo, officer!

Others joining the cast of AHS this season are Patti LuPone, Zachary Quinto, Russell Tovey, Leslie Grossman, Sandra Bernhardt, Issac Powell, Billie Lourd, Joe Martello, Charlie Carver, Sandra Bernhardt, and Denis O’Hare. 

A new video on Twitter today teased a bit of the series and promises fans that it’ll be an experience like no other for fans of the horrifying, spine-tingling, and unsettling show. Ryan Murphy sure knows how to make an impact.

While a lot is being left to the imagination for the synopsis and storyline, the logline so far reads as follows:

“New Season. New City. New Fears.” Dun-dun!

Suppose you want to dive into the history of American Horror Story. In that case, you can watch the previous seasons streaming on Hulu, and don’t forget to tune into American Horror Stories for two terrifying seasons.