Latest ’Yellowstone’ News: Luke Grimes partners with Stetson as Drake celebrates with a Yellowstone Dutton Ranch birthday gift

Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner
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Happy Monday, Yellowstone fans. Taylor Sheridan’s universe is celebrating a pretty exciting start to the work week, and fans can’t get enough. From a birthday surprise for Drake to a new Stetson campaign, the cast and characters from the cowboy drama we all love are showing up everywhere. If you’re wondering how those two things are connected, you’ll have to let us take you for a ride. As we all anxiously anticipate the premiere of season 5, we’ll fill you in on the exciting events happening today. We need you to grab your favorite drink, your Yellowstone-loving bestie, and get ready to head to the ranch. 

Cole Hauser gave Drake an epic birthday gift

Drake is celebrating his 36th birthday today and doing so in style. As he enjoyed a party in his honor, Drake posted snaps on his Instagram account, and one of them made fans do a hard double-take. The first snap was a picture of cowboy boots with a signature on them; up next was a picture of Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. Yes. Drake sent a shout-out to Yellowstone on Instagram, and as fans quickly swiped back to the image of his boots, we saw what was so special about them. 

“To Drake, Happy Bday! ‘Rip'” read the side of the boot while Hauser signed his name on the top. 

As fans are aware, Drake was seen wearing a “branded” Yellowstone pull-over earlier in the year, and as a dedicated viewer, we can only imagine how much the gift meant to him. 

Fans are now calling for him to appear in an episode, and we certainly hope that it happens. Drake could bring many characters to the series, or he could do a fun cameo where he plays himself stumbling upon the Yellowstone for some reason. The possibilities are truly endless, and, who knows, maybe we will see him in an episode in the not-so-distant future. The cast sure hopes so, too. 

Luke Grimes is the new face of Stetson 

Luke Grimes is partnering with Stetson for a new campaign as the face of their grooming and fragrance line. The news broke this morning, and the digital and social movements are set to begin on Oct. 25, so we’re mere hours away from finding out how incredible he looks. 

Stetson president Xiao Li Tan shared the following statement about Grimes partnering with the brand. 

“Since its founding in 1865, the STETSON brand has stood for the best of the American spirit—honest, authentic, and independent—and we can think of no one better to embody those values than Luke Grimes. He exudes strength and integrity on camera and off, and his passion for the West and longtime love of STETSON make him the embodiment of the modern STETSON Man. As a kid from Ohio who grew up to become a new Western icon, Luke represents the power of achieving your dreams on your own terms, and we’re thrilled to have him as part of the STETSON family.”

You can find out more about his joining Stetson and Scent Beauty here, and keep your eyes peeled. We’ll keep you updated on all things Grimes and Stetson. 

Yellowstone rewind: season 2, episode 10

Yellowstone‘s sophomore season ended with one of the most emotionally charged episodes we’d seen so far. “Sins of the Father” is also sort of the tagline for the series in its entirety, or rather, a large part of it. The Dutton family is full of strong patriarchs: fathers who would do anything to provide for their families, and sometimes the limits are most certainly pushed. 

In this episode, we see the heartfelt conversation between John Dutton and his father, where John Dutton Sr. tells his Jr. not to let anyone take the land, not even a single inch of it. That conversation, that singular moment, is the driving force behind everything he does. 

John told his father that he’d never let anyone take the land; he reiterates that promise daily, sharing it with his children and those who have come to the ranch to work for him. He’s not going to let anyone displace them or change things up — even if he has to battle every single day. 

John knows few things in this world as intimately as he knows battle — and this episode is full of it. With Tate missing, everyone at the ranch is on high alert, most importantly Monica and Kayce. The pair know that getting their son back is a matter of life and death, and all bets are off. 

John and Rip understand the severity of this sentiment too, and as Rip holds space in his heart for the attack on the love of his life, he’s also jumping into action to save Kayce’s son. Everyone is dealing with trauma, losing steam, yet finding a way to grab ahold of one another and live another day; win another day. 

Of course, the family does win on this day, and with the help of Rainwater and men brave enough to lay their lives down to protect Tate, he’s safe in his father’s arms by the end of the episode. The men who dared to stand against the family — the same can’t be said for them. 

“Sins of the father” is also heavy on the tearjerking moments between Rip and Beth; one where she tells Rip that her father has amended something important that gives consideration to Rip himself. 

She begins reading a letter to her beau, and she gets to an important part where he talks about needing to have enough sons to help continue the legacy of his great-grandfather. 

“My great-grandfather had a dream. All of his sons on the same road, the same ranch working toward the same goal. That dream survived a hundred year, until me. With me, it died. I didn’t have enough sons. They just kept dying or quitting. And one day, not too long ago, I realized that I have enough sons after all.”

Yep, John considers Rip a son, and it’s not a surprising moment for viewers, but it was what the cowboy needed to hear. Rip didn’t feel like a son to anyone, not for a long time, and knowing that John saw him in that light gave him a breath of fresh air in those lungs. He suddenly saw himself as more — as worthy. Rip Wheeler isn’t just John’s right-hand man; he’s his son.