Marvel Finally Reveals How Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Actually Works


For years, Spider-Man‘s spider-sense has just been accepted as a symptom of his radioactive spider bite. Now, however, the new comic book Spider-Verse #1 explains for the first time what this mysterious power actually is and why it’s so important.

The story begins with Miles Morales being whisked away by a strange entity calling itself Spider-Zero. Before he gets pulled through a revolving door of parallel universes, the protagonist realizes that his spider-sense is how his mysterious tour guide has been communicating with him all this time. Spider-Zero goes on to explain that the Web of Life and Destiny binds all the versions of Spider-Man together. The spider-sense itself is what’s called an “arachnofrequency” that actually ends up being unique to every version of the superhero.

Madame Web has alluded to this in her interactions with Peter Parker, but has never gone on to explain it in the way that Spider-Zero has and as such, using arachnofrequency as a unique energy signature is definitely a new avenue for the comics to explore. On top of being utilized as a means of communication, the spider-sense also gives Spider-Zero a sort of GPS and a way to easily summon different versions of the hero to help fight off the oncoming threat that endangers the Spider-Verse.

As fans continue to learn more about this ever-expanding universe, they can only hope that it’ll soon be showcased in the MCU as well. The critically-acclaimed, Academy Award-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse gave moviegoers a look at how a plot line this intricate can be presented on the big screen to impressive results and with any luck, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be able to meet Miles Morales soon. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to keep enjoying the comic books and all of their many surprising twists.