MCU fans are ranking the outfits of Thor, God of Fashion

via Marvel Studios

It’s not hard to argue that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has changed the most out of all the Avengers over the course of his MCU career so far, going from a stoic, Shakespearean hero to a quip-happy rockstar god. And just as his personality has evolved, so too has his fashion sense. The God of Thunder’s sartorial style has altered each time he’s appeared on screen, as Marvel’s costumers constantly find new spins on his classic armored appearance.

But what’s the best Thor fit of them all? Fans have been debating this tricky question on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit. Redditor tishen_rocky gave folks eight looks to choose from, as plucked from 2011’s Thor, 2013’s The Dark World, 2017’s Ragnarok, 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, 2019’s Endgame, and the incoming Thor: Love and Thunder, and asked people to name their favorite.

Interestingly, it seems Thor’s fashion game in Love and Thunder is just so on point that fans are already voting for his costumes from the movie we haven’t even seen yet. For one, Thor’s tee and sleeveless jacket look is getting a lot of love.

But another Love and Thunder ensemble, the full armor with the new addition of a fur-lined cape, is receiving even more props.

There’s just something about that cape that does it for people.

On the other hand, Thor’s colorful new armor isn’t so popular.

Elsewhere, the Infinity War suit has its supporters, too.

As does Thor’s Endgame number.

Others are lamenting Fat Thor not being one of the options.

And some are too busy thirsting over Naked Thor.

And these eight costumes are just scratching the surface of the many looks Thor has sported over the years, including his civilian clothes in the likes of Thor and Ragnarok. What can you say, the guy’s got flair. Maybe there’s a What If…? episode to be made about a Thor variant who turned down Avengers membership and instead became a fashion model.