Netflix fans have thoughts on the platform’s steamy new sequel

Courtesy Netflix

In the 2020 Netflix Polish-Italian production 365 Days, a wealthy Mafia boss woos the object of his affection, Laura, in the traditional way depicted in romantic dramatic fiction since the days of Romeo & Juliet: he holds her captive for the titular year, forcing her into a romantic Stockholm Syndrome.

This cancel culture-defying soft-core erotica struck a chord with a streaming audience looking at years of lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and it spent ten days at number one on Netflix’s Top Ten chart. And now, the love that defied class boundaries, car crashes, and the very notion of consent has returned with 365: This Day, a sequel to stink up the streaming public once again with more passion, more betrayal, and as many fans on Netflix have noted, much more sex.

One fan was so upset at the lack of the story they loved from the original, it gave her a headache GIF:

Another fan mourned the uncertain ending of a movie based on the second book in a trilogy:

This fan thought the movie, based on a trilogy of novels about a woman who falls in love with the criminal who imprisons her for a full year, was lacking in the amazing plot from the original:

Someone noticed that it was a movie that featured a shirtless muscular man named Nacho:

And this person took the time to mourn the fact that 365 Days: This Day underscored the fact that she was single: