New Captain Marvel: Alien Nation Video Released


Recently, Marvel has been putting out some rather informative and entertaining videos hyping up new releases, one example of which was the first in the line of “Captain Marvel: Alien Nation” promos that blended motion comics with music and narration. So, if you enjoyed the previous offering, you’ll probably be pleased to know that another has found its way online as to celebrate the release of The Mighty Captain Marvel #2.

In it, writer Margaret Stohl and editor Sana Amanat walk us through the finer aspects of the story, while avoiding major spoilers. Needless to say, this issue offers up a multifaceted experience. Not only does it squarely place the focus on a strong female lead, but it also addresses how Carol Danvers helps pay Alpha Flight’s bills: By having her own TV show. Now that’s something you don’t see in every superhero comic, eh?

Quite frankly, I do like the idea of bringing up how superheroes pay the bills every now and then. Those elaborate secret headquarters have to cost a substantial amount of money and we always take something like that for granted when we suspend our disbelief. Yes, it’s been established that Batman pays for the Justice League Watchtower, but although he’s a billionaire, you have to imagine a space station must seriously bleed your wallet and you’d figure the Dark Knight would be forced to endure a mac and cheese diet from time to time.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #2 is now available in comic shops.