The PlayStation 4’s Best Exclusive Games From E3 2016


Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human is brimming with possibilities. The game has a very malleable plot that adapts to players’ choices to create unique plot twists that are seamlessly incorporated into the storyline.

Taking place in a dystopian future Detroit where high tech androids live among human citizens, the neo-noir thriller will put gamers in control of several characters over the course of the narrative. In a nod to the legendary sci-fi film Blade Runner, one of the protagonists, Connor, is an android tasked with hunting down his own kind. Meanwhile, Kara, an android programmed with artificial consciousness, must learn what it means to live among naturally born humans.


Gameplay is heavily dialogue based, and the way players respond in a given situation will determine how a scenario plays out. The likelihood of a positive outcome can be improved by collecting data and information beforehand, during the game’s investigative sequences.

Like Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain before it, Detroit: Become Human’s tone and premise lend themselves well to creating an air of mystery and paranoia that will undoubtedly lead to difficult decisions and moral dilemmas for gamers to consider. As the story continues on if a character dies and there is no ‘game over’ screen, expect multiple endings and much incentive to play it over again and again.

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