‘She-Hulk’ fan edit finds the one way to improve THAT final scene

Tatiana Maslany in 'She
Image via Marvel Studios

If there’s one thing She-Hulk: Attorney at Law knows how to do, it’s tantalizing its audience members, and this week’s episode may win the trophy for teasing the viewer. Nearly every fan of the show is anticipating the promised team-up between Shulkie and Ol’ Hornhead himself, Daredevil, and the ultimate scene of this episode gave a huge easter egg for DD fans — a glimpse of his newly redesigned helmet. Perfection! But one online fan has made it even more perfect.

The episode ends with fashion designer Luke Jacobsen, fresh from handing over Jen’s new (and let’s face it, MUCH needed) apparel upgrade, scolding his assistant for leaving a client’s merchandise out in the open. He sets down a hat box containing Daredevil’s new golden helmet — giving the fans a taste of what they’ve been waiting so long for.

Twitter user @ShadowKnightPK has really iced the sweet cake of a scene though, by mixing in Daredevil’s theme song from his late-lamented Netflix series. The musical cue sends a thrill down your spine as effectively as hearing John Williams’ Superman scene just before Clark Kent puts on his famous costume.

This week’s episode was the season “hump” as it were, with four episodes behind it and four more to go. So we can assume that we’ll be seeing Jen and DD together at last sooner rather than later — but as fans are more than aware that’s no guarantee that we’ll be seeing any other part of Daredevil’s costume next week. Or even a glimpse of his lawyerly alter ego, Matt Murdock. But hopefully, we may get some indication of why he’s outsourcing his costume work to the west coast next week.