Sony chairman doesn’t believe superheroes and sequels are the future

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Sony might be in the midst of greenlighting superhero sequels and spin-offs about relatively small Marvel Comics characters, but the chairman doesn’t believe that that’s all that the future holds for cinema.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tom Rothman addressed CinemaCon in the wake of several key announcements: Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto, Venom 3, Ghostbusters 5, and character roster for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

He stressed that despite the array of franchise films, they believe in diversity in film output – and that superheroes aren’t the only part of it.

“We very much do not believe the common wisdom that the future is only superheroes and sequels. We believe in films that reflect diversity of all kinds from diverse talent to subject matter with a strong belief in originality. If in those last eight months we showed the theatrical window is alive, during the coming months we will also show that new and original stories can also work.”

Rothman’s statement is backed up by Sony’s other announcements and reveals, such as footage from action flick Bullet Train, but feels ironic given the sheer number of franchise film announcements.

Sony has had a mixed record in recent years with its franchise gambles, with two recent attempts at Ghostbusters, a morbidly-received Morbius spin-off, but a critically and financially successful revitalization of Jumanji.

Its history with its Marvel properties is particularly in the spotlight, with No Way Home smashing records, but each individual attempt at its Spider-Man Universe getting middling reviews and lackluster fan reaction.

Sony’s run with Spider-Man properties will continue, however, with Kraven the Hunter currently filming and Madame Web, recently casting Dakota Johnson into its web, set for release next year.

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