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Terry Crews drops some muscley Halloween costume inspirations

Terry Crews is giving us all a helpful hand this Halloween with some choice outfit inspo from his character in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.'


Everybody knows that Terry Crews has muscles for days. The actor’s signature beefed-up physique was used to great effect in the workplace sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he played Sergeant Terry Jeffords, later becoming Lieutenant Jeffords. This was no better exemplified than during the various Halloween Heists that the show had each season, where the Nine-Nine pulled off ridiculously convoluted heists to be crowned an Amazing Detective/Genius. Now the Halloween season is upon us, Crews is helping us out with some outfit inspiration.

Crews posted the various different outfits he wore in each Halloween heist to his Twitter account with the caption, “Halloween is almost here! I’ve got your costume inspiration right here”, followed by a muscle arm emoji.

If we want to break down the looks going clockwise from the top left, first up we have Golden Statue Terry, useful if you want to hide in plain sight as a golden statue or if you are pretending to be an Oscar award. Next is Popeye Terry, and we know that Terry eats his spinach to get his muscles big and strong. Then there is bare-chested Roman soldier Terry; any excuse to flaunt as much muscle as possible, right? Finally, we have He-Man Terry.

The last photo is not from the show but rather the actor’s response to the backlash seen when Halle Bailey was cast to play Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid live-action film, causing a vocal minority to complain about the casting of a black actress in a “white” role. He threatened to take over the iconic 80s role if people kept complaining about black actors “taking” white roles, though no complaints here if someone does do a He-Man remake with Crews in the titular role!

If you want to show your muscles off, or fight racism by subverting previously assumed white roles, then take a leaf from Crew’s book this Halloween.

Laura Pollacco
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