‘The Boys’ star hypes this week’s ‘wee fluid exchange party’

the boys homelander
via Prime Video

Prime Video’s The Boys is riding high and dominating the internet discourse since the third season began, and ahead of this week’s coming episode, Antony Starr is hyping it all up the long-awaited debut of the already-infamous “Herogasm”.

The Homelander portrayer tweeted the above, joining co-star Jack Quaid in saying it may be his favorite episode of the season, a sentiment shared by the show’s Twitter account and producer Seth Rogen as well. While fans and those unfamiliar with the source material are generally aware that it looks at an annual orgy for the heroes of the universe, folks are still saying they’re not ready to process what will be presented on screen, and what surely must have been a traumatic thing for the crew to shoot.

Another person familiar with the program is on edge, but laughing about it at the same time.

After Friday, the third season of The Boys will have two episodes left in its eight-episode order, with the finale streaming on July 8. A fourth season has already been ordered, and a college spinoff is well into development, which star Patrick Schwarzenegger says will have a silly side to it.

Not only that, but it will also somehow touch on the dark tone of HBO’s Euphoria, which isn’t what we expected to hear from a foul-mouthed superhero college comedy. Either way, everyone’s hoping the hotly-hyped installment of The Boys will instantly cement its place in television folklore, leaving audiences weak at the knees from having a herogasm of their own.