The surprising similarities between ‘Code Geass’ frenemies Lelouch and Suzaku

Lelouch Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass.
Screengrab via YouTube/Anime Geek

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Code Geass.

Code Geass‘ protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge and deuteragonist Suzaku Kururugi are well-known for their friendship and rivalry alike, with the ideological tension between the two boys driving a significant portion of the anime’s plot. With Lelouch willing to sacrifice lives to win freedom and Suzaku desiring to maintain a bloodless peace at all costs, the former comrades have no choice but to duke it out despite their initial reluctance. All in all, owing to Ichiro Okouchi’s masterful storytelling, these two politically opposed characters remain sympathetic and compelling throughout the story, leaving Code Geass fans wanting to know all the details about the giant-robot-using warrior duo. Even the simple questions, such as those regarding their ages and heights, are worthy of answers.

It’s a fair bet that Lelouch and Suzaku are teenagers, since they attend high school throughout Code Geass. Their height also seems to attract no comment or notice from others, suggesting that they’re likely average in size. Sadly, though, these clues don’t provide us with specific numbers. However, fortunately for fans of Code Geass, who can all breathe a sigh of relief, we’ve found the answers to these questions.

Lelouch and Suzaku’s ages and heights

It turns out that both Lelouch and Suzaku are 17 to 18 years old during the events of Code Geass‘ two seasons. It’s good that they continue to have anything in common despite their bitter differences, don’t you think?

Moreover, throughout Code Geass, Lelouch stands at 5’10”, making him slightly above average in height. Suzaku, on the other hand, while also of average height, is slightly shorter than his frenemy, coming in at around 5’9″. He’s still physically stronger and more athletic than Lelouch, so there’s that.