This Halloween Lego Build Is Terrifyingly Stunning

Lego never disappoints when it comes to a creative outlet to get us in the mood for the special time of year when pumpkins done spooky faces, kids get free candy and 20-somethings binge ’80s slasher films with their pals.

Halloween is right around the corner and Reddit user comp_19 is getting in the spirit with their impressive themed Lego diorama posted to the Lego subreddit featuring mad scientists, a fly mutant, a headless horseman, spooky spiderwebs, a cage full of zombies, a witch, Dracula himself, Frankenstein’s Monster and who appears to be Daphne from Scooby Doo thwarting off mutant carnivorous plants.

The post has already garnered over a thousand upvotes in about a day and you can check for yourself why the images resonated with so many people below:

Many Reddit users lauded comp_19’s creation for the ominous orange lighting elevating the scene to something that “gives it a massive burning forest fire type vibe,” as one user said.

The combination of Lego and Halloween isn’t just relegated to fan builds, either. On October 1 , you can stream a new Halloween special on Disney Plus: LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales.

The plot centers around everyone’s favorite Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron, and his trusty droid, BB-8, as they journey to Mustafar, one of the most infamous planets in Star Wars lore. The duo will be told three creepy stories while there, pulled from all eras of the franchise.

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