VINAI And Olly James’ “Lit” Is Their Latest Exercise In Musical Sacrilege


At this point, it feels like VINAI must be reinforcing negative stereotypes associated with EDM excess on purpose. After following up the poorly titled “Techno” with the underwhelming “Get Ready Now,” they returned with the head scratcher “Sit Down” – and somehow they thought it would be good for their street cred to title their Olly James collaboration “Lit.”

To be fair, “Lit” actually is noticeably more listenable than their previous releases. The influence is undoubtedly due in no small part to James’ expertise, seeing as how up until now VINAI have put out nothing better than the musical equivalent of a guy sneaking up behind you and grinding on you with no warning at the club.

And for that matter, it’s still nothing to be all that proud of. The last thing the world of electronic music needs is another vocal sample insisting that you put your hands up before a nonsensical synth lead does its best to pierce through your earplugs and lobotomize you with its erratic melody.

Alright, good game, VINAI. See you next time, guys.