Watch: Angelyne steals the show in new trailer for Peacock series


A larger-than-life personality is taking center stage in an exciting trailer for the upcoming Peacock limited series, Angelyne

The series will highlight a story inspired by the life of the titular LA icon, a musician and model who, from a young age, knew that “huge gigantic fame” was the only thing worth chasing. Angelyne wanted to be larger than life, and when billboards with her likeness began popping up around Los Angeles, it was evident that she was there to steal the show — and nothing was going to stand in her way. 

“When Angelyne showed up, LA needed her.”

Angelyne needed LA just as much, as the trailer shows, and the billboards were just the first step in making sure everyone knew her name. Of course, there is a sense of infamy when trying to sell yourself, and regardless of her intentions, Angelyne faced backlash for just being herself. 

“I’m something that you have to experience. I’m an innocent little dog or a porn star — I’m whatever you want me to be, but I do not want to be famous for something that I do. I want to be famous for who I am.”

Angelyne’s story is what Emily Rossum is bringing to life in the Peacock series, and PEOPLE shared a statement from the actress on what she hopes people will receive from watching the show. 

“As a society broadening our understanding of identity, this story plays with large questions. Are we defined by the historical facts of our life? Or can we define ourselves? To self-actualize, to embrace whoever we are on the inside and live whatever truth feels most accurate. When everyone’s experience of reality and truth is personal, can there ever be one true story?”

Angelyne’s quest for people to see universal truth in her story will be undeniably unrelenting. The trailer highlights moments of joy and heartache — all alongside her famous pink corvette. What does happily ever after look like for the star? You’ll have to tune in and see. 

Angelyne begins streaming on Peacock on May 19.