Who is Timothy Reynolds? ‘Yellowstone’ tribute, explained

Image via Tim Reynolds/Facebook

Yellowstone‘s fifth season is full of emotional moments and scenes that pull on our heartstrings. One of these moments occurred at the end of the episode “Watch ‘Em Ride Awa”, when a tribute card appeared as the cowboys and ranch hands rode away, honoring someone important to the series family. 

With Yellowstone, death is something viewers had to get used to immediately, and tears have been shed more than once due to the loss of characters within the storyline. There have also been deaths of actors who graced the series with their talentsimothy reynolds. Timothy Reynolds was the name on the tribute card at the end of last week’s episode, and we’ll explain who he was below.

Who is Timothy Reynolds?

Reynolds had a less “flashy” role than an actor or writer in the series, but he was as important as ever. Reynolds was an electrical technician in seasons one through four of the series before his untimely death in August of this year. Reynolds worked on several other projects within his 30 years of service in the industry, discovering his love of working on sets while in the finance industry. 

Sharing behind-the-scenes shots of Yellowstone on his Instagram profile, Reynolds even posted a snap of Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau cooking up some food for everyone working on the series. You could tell Reynolds was as much a member of the Yellowstone family as those who grace our screens each week. 

What other shows and films did Reynolds work on?

Reynolds’ IMDb page also notes that he worked on several projects with which fans of Yellowstone are familiar, including Wind RiverHereditaryJoe Bell, and The American West

As we said before, Reynolds’ career spanned 30 years, and it appears that his first job was a television movie titled Not in This Town. Looking through his Instagram, it’s clear that Yellowstone was his dream job and something he loved being a part of. Yellowstone paying homage to him is a beautiful tribute to his compassion and talent. May Timothy Reynolds rest in peace.