A Young Heroine Rises In America #1

Before highly anticipated new series such as Luke Cage launch this spring, Marvel has a few other titles kicking off, namely America. Focusing on America Chavez, this title is set to have writer Gabby Rivera (Juliet Takes a Breath) and artist Joe Quinones (Howard the Duck) at the helm, so those who love the current rising crop of young heroes developed by this publisher will definitely want to take notice.

Given the progress Chavez has made serving as the current iteration of Miss America, devoted readers will probably say it’s the right time for the character to be granted a headlining gig. And seeing as how she’s been aligned with groups such as A-Force (an all-female version of the Avengers) and, more recently, the Ultimates (a nod to an alternate universe’s version of, again, the Avengers), Chavez has probably accrued a decent following in her young history in comics that will follow her anywhere.

Plus, this may give readers a bit of a patriotic boost after having to witness Captain America Steve Rogers turning heel and joining the ranks of Hydra. Yes, we do have another Cap running around (or soaring, if you prefer) in the form of Sam Wilson, but it never hurts to add one more superhero to the extended family as it were.

For more details regarding America #1, in addition to the book’s release date, be sure to check out the synopsis provided by Marvel below:

As the new leader of the Ultimates, America has cemented herself as the preeminent butt-kicker of the entire Marvel Universe. But when your punch is enough to shatter the barriers between worlds, sometimes being a super hero can get in the way of self-discovery. So what’s a super powered teenager to do for a little fulfillment? She goes to college! …Right after she punches out a few interdimensional monsters and takes down a pesky alien cult.

She’s stood side-by-side with some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but now it’s time for her to fly solo. Be there as America plants her feet, punches her way through dimensions and faces off against an oncoming alien horde — all while managing a social life and a full class load. Don’t miss the highly anticipated AMERICA #1 – coming to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on March 1st!