How old is Topher from TikTok and why is he famous?

Topher TikTok
Image via allycat.03/TikTok

TikTok can quickly turn any video into a viral phenomenon. One day you’ve never heard of something, and the next day it is all over social media, with people constantly linking to and referencing the trend. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to end up out of the loop.

This week, many social media users will likely be confused by all the references to Topher they keep seeing on their platforms of choice. But what is this trend, where does it come from, and how old is Topher? 

Why is Topher famous?

Topher rose to viral fame due to a TikTok video posted by user allycat.03 on Dec 24th, 2022. In this video, allycat.03 interviewed members of their family, asking them which other family member they would warn people about if they needed to introduce an outsider to the family. 

The first member interviewed says that they would warn someone of Topher. Next, viewers are introduced to Topher who passionately declares :

 “Y’all already know who I am, my name’s Topher, and I think Olivia.”

Topher’s confidence and unique delivery wowed the internet, and the video quickly went viral, wracking up over 79 million views, 7.1 million likes, and 88,000 comments. Other users quickly jumped on the trend, making reaction videos, editing Topher into famous film clips, and posting Topher’s declaration in the comments of other videos. 

Since then allycat.03 has uploaded other videos featuring Topher, leading to the original video getting even more views and making the youth into an even bigger viral sensation. It should also be noted that this isn’t the first time Topher has taken the starring role in allycat.03’s videos. 

In fact, Topher has been appearing in videos since July 2021 and was often featured on allycat.03’s old (and since deleted) TikTok account. While some of these old videos have been re-uploaded to allycat.03’s new TikTok profile, others have been reuploaded by unlinked accounts, meaning the videos are still circulating. In these older videos, Topher participated in many of Tiktok’s most popular trends and challenges. But, while many of these videos did well, none did as well as this new installment. 

How old is Topher? 

Many TikTok users have been keen to learn how old Topher actually is. However, his actual age isn’t known at the current time. Though most agree, due to his appearance and general demeanor, he is likely somewhere between 11 and 14.