What does ‘Sussy Baka’ mean and where did it originate?

Sussy Baka TikTok
Image via TikTok

In today’s episode of “how can we turn the most useless phrase into a viral trend?” we present to you: “Sussy Baka.” If the combination of those words means absolutely nothing to you, it’s because “Sussy Baka” isn’t actually a real word, but rather a combination of video game slang “sus” and Japanese lingo “baka.” Still confused? Allow us to explain. 

First, we should preface this by saying that internet colloquialisms are nothing new in this age of social media, specifically TikTok. When users aren’t communicating through shorthand, they’re tossing around phrases like “Sussy Baka” in the comments section as a derogatory or flattering response to other people’s videos. If you don’t keep up with all the viral shorthands and colloquialisms, you might just find yourself staring at an entire sentence only able to decipher two out of the 12 words.

So, what exactly does “Sussy Baka” mean, and where did it come from?

Let’s start with the first of the two words: “sussy.” The word is borrowed from the viral slang “sus,” as in suspicious. “Sus” originated from the popular video game “Among Us” in 2020 and has since then spread like wildfire among millions of people, mostly Gen Z’ers, as a way to call a person or situation suspicious, or “sus.”

As for “baka,” any fan of My Hero Academia probably remembers the word being thrown at Deku, one of the characters from the show. “Deku!! Why are you acting such like a Baka?! Deku!! Why are you acting such like a Baka?!” In Japanese, “baka” means crazy or foolish. Deku is essentially being called a fool.

Now, when TikTok user @akeamfrancis2 combined the two words in his livestream, turning “sus” into “sussy,” the phrase essentially blew up all over the platform, garnering millions of views. Deku was more than just a fool now ⏤ he was a “suspicious fool.”

Gen Z’ers aren’t the only ones running wild with “Sussy Baka.” Breaking Bad star Dean Norris even used it in a personalized video to a fan, calling them a “Sussy Baka.”

“Sussy Baka” is just the latest in a long line of viral phrases that have swept the internet. From “YOLO” to “I can’t even,” these catchphrases capture the zeitgeist of our time and become an instant hit with internet users.

There’s no telling what the next big thing will be, but one thing is certain: viral phrases are here to stay. So the next time you want to make fun of your friend, just call them a “Sussy Baka!”