10 Actors Who Could Play Marvel And Netflix’s Iron Fist Perfectly


Iron Fist

With season two of Daredevil set to premiere in March and Luke Cage currently shooting, it’s odd that we still haven’t had any casting news for Iron Fist. Troubling rumours at one point claimed the series was being scrapped by Marvel and Netflix, though the TV division’s head honcho Jeph Loeb was quick to deny that last year.

While that was initially met with some scepticism, the fact that a showrunner has finally been locked down is very good news indeed (even if it is the guy who was in charge of the weakest seasons of Dexter), and now fans are anxiously awaiting casting news for the final member of the team of Defenders that Marvel are assembling.


So, who exactly is Iron Fist? Well, the official synopsis for the show revealed that after being missing for years, Daniel Rand returns to New York City and fights against the criminal element corrupting his home with incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

If the plan is for the series to launch early next year, we should hear something soon, but of all the possible choices out there, who would be the best pick to bring Iron Fist to life on the small screen? It’s going to be a demanding role – with a big emphasis on action – but the ten film and TV stars listed here all have the right attributes.

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