The 10 Best Superhero TV Moments Of 2016


Superhero movies might have received a mixed reception in 2016, but comic book television has never been better. Both Marvel and DC expanded their respective shared universes outwards this past year and in just about every case, superhero TV shows reached a good balance between pilfering from the comic books and adapting the material to best fit the new medium. Series like Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl finally found their feet, others like Arrow got back on track and those like The Flash and Daredevil continued their winning streaks. Meanwhile, new shows like Luke Cage rose straight to the top of the pile.


The glut of superhero series also delivered some of the best TV moments of the year. Across Marvel and DC’s considerable output, there were awesome action scenes, crossovers galore, tear-jerkers and surprising introductions and exits. So, on that note, join us as we count down some of our favourite superhero TV moments of 2016. Oh, and before we begin, commiserations to Agent Carter and Gotham – both of which had several great moments this year, although they weren’t quite good enough to make the cut here.