10 Possible Superhero Shows For DC’s New Digital Service

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Chris Pratt’s recent comments about Suicide Squad may have annoyed a couple of diehard fans, but he did hit the nail on the head: there was an excess of characters that needed to be fleshed out better. While it’s too late to do that now, the team does lend itself better to serialized stories, rather than the film format. Sorry, fam, but it’s true.

Think of the comic book series as an idea of how this show would work. There’s an overarching storyline, but each story brings one or two of the members to the core and we get to know them and their backstories better. Do this over a season and we would know the members of Task Force X better than they know themselves.

Undoubtedly, there will have to be a recast of the characters and a soft reboot, but Suicide Squad could be a major hit if done right. It certainly would make a statement and show that Warner’s not playing with this new service, that’s for sure.


There’ve been reports floating around that HBO might be considering a Watchmen series. What if we’re getting the info wrong though and Watchmen is actually for DC’s new platform? Now, that would be something special.

While Zack Snyder’s film received praise for its nearly faithful adaptation of the source material, there’s still room to explore more of the folklore here. Whether it be via prequels, spinoffs, or a continuation of the original story, Watchmen has a lot of life left in its old bones.

As Doctor Manhattan continues to play a pivotal role in Rebirth, we’re likely to see more of this franchise in the near future. In which form, though? That’s the big question, and unfortunately, we don’t have any firm answers at this point.