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20 memes that capture all of the drama in ‘House of the Dragon’ episode four

It was an episode fans won't soon forget.

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Another episode of House of the Dragon has now aired and this might have been the most drama-filled, shocking episode yet. Of course, this has led to quite the social media reaction from fans.

Before we get into the memes and reactions that fans had to share about the episode we’ll be discussing some of its events so this is your final spoiler warning. If you haven’t yet seen the episode it can be streamed now on HBO Max.

During the House of the Dragon episode four, Rhaenyra Targaryen was taken on a wild night out with her uncle Daemon which had fans scratching their heads, and ultimately it ended with the princess getting what she’s been eyeing all along.

The fallout from this further damaged Daemon’s relationship with his brother, the King. It also led to Viserys severing some of his ties with Otto Hightower. In an episode that was mostly politics and fewer action scenes fans still had plenty to say.

Blackwood draws first blood.

There were plenty of Targaryen antics in this episode.

It seems the fandom support Rhaenyra’s decisions.

Did she sell it well?

Even after everything, many are still #TeamDaemon

At least one good thing came of the episode.

That final scene had people talking.

There was a whole lot to unpack during episode four and, fortunately, these reactions cover the bigger aspects well. It looks like we’re in store for even more drama next week when the show returns and you can check out a preview for this upcoming episode here.

If you’re looking for a refresher all four House of the Dragon episodes can be streamed on HBO Max right now.

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