5 Marvel characters we’d love to see get their own shows on Disney Plus


Disney Plus is fast becoming the home for new Marvel heroes like She-Hulk and Moon Knight while also giving older characters their own stories, like on WandaVision.

There’s no shortage of characters that Marvel can draw from, but who truly deserves their own show? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 characters we believe deserve their own show.

5. Valkyrie


In the third installment of Thor, we were introduced to Tessa Thompson’s character Scrapper 142, who was later revealed to be the demi-goddess Valkryie.

So why does she deserve her own show? Well, there is already a whole history of her time fighting for Odin during the wars against Hela, and then what happened after the massacre of the Valkryies. A Disney Plus show could venture into her past and show what happened leading up to her reappearance in Ragnarok.

Then there’s the fact that as stated in Avengers: Endgame, Valkryie is the new acting King of Asgard. While there are Disney Plus show rumors already, all we know for sure is that Tessa Thompson will be returning as Valkryie in Thor: Love and Thunder, out in 2022.

4. Young Avengers

Young Avengers

So far, we’ve met Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, Kid Loki, Wanda and Vision’s twins Billy and Tommy, and in the coming year, we’re about to be introduced to another handful of younger superheroes. Starting a show introducing the newest and youngest Avengers isn’t such a bad idea.

Episodes could be focused on introducing the members of the group before moving them off to the big screen. If done right, Disney and Marvel could have a goldmine on their hands, possibly turning a beloved set of comics into a classic teen drama with all the things fans love about the MCU.

3. Black Knight

Introduced in Eternals, the story of Black Knight isn’t particularly worth a set of films, but it could make for an incredible TV show. Kit Harington, who is now the face of Dane Whitman, is no stranger to swords and episodic drama, and his story as Black Knight could easily be spread out over a six-episode arc just like other Marvel shows.

The show could become an introduction to the character and his powers while also building a strong backstory before leading the way to Eternals 2. We already know that he’s going to try looking for Sersei after she was kidnapped by Arishem, and having a backstory already set up will give viewers an understanding of his powers and how he can help the other Eternals.

2. Doctor Doom

By far one of the most notable villains of the Marvel universe, Doctor Doom has never been given a proper story that is deserving of the character and all that he’s contributed to in the comics.

As we now know, the Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU, so it would be the perfect time to introduce Doctor Doom and his origin story in TV show format. Unlike the other shows currently out, Doctor Doom’s could be the first entry for villains getting their own shows setting a precedent for Disney Plus, plus it would do well to introduce him with a backstory before having him join the MCU.

1. Rogue

Rogue X-Men

By far one of the most underutilized mutants in the original films, Rogue is arguably one of the most powerful mutants to exist in the X-Men comics. A Disney Plus show about Rogue would be incredible, as it could act as a complete redo of her character and finally give her justice.

An episodic journey of Marvel’s most beloved mutant could also serve as a pathway to the X-Men films, which could also help introduce a range of other mutants to the MCU. That way, the eventual X-Men film will not be overloaded with mutants like previous films have tended to be. 

What Marvel characters would you like to see get their own Disney Plus shows? Sound off below!