7 Things The Walking Dead Must Do To Get Back To Its Best

6) Better Zombie Action


As much as we love the human drama of this show, The Walking Dead is set in a zombie apocalypse and there used to be nothing more exciting on this series than when the walkers came a knocking. The action, threat and adrenaline boost this would give the show provided some of its most gripping moments. The zombies are the title characters, after all (well, if you discount Rick’s “we are the Walking Dead” speech back in season 5).

Lately, though, the show’s imagination for interesting uses of the walkers seems to have run dry. It’s fair enough – what more can zombies do but groan and chase you? – but the occasional interesting set piece demonstrates that the potential is still there to make them interesting again. For instance, Rick and Aaron’s trip through the zombie-littered river in the midseason finale.

The promo for the back half of the season does promise that things will pick up in this area, however. The final shot features Rick coming face to face with a gruesome zombie with metal spikes jutting out all over its body. It’s a striking visual and makes the zombie ten times more dangerous. As such, we can’t wait to see what the deal is with this grisly fella.