The 8 Best Episodes Of The Flash So Far


On Tuesday October 4th, The Flash returns to our screens for its hotly-anticipated third season. Of all the DC TV shows airing on The CW this fall, it is arguably The Flash that fans are most looking forward to. After all, season 2 ended things on one hell of a cliffhanger – as Barry went back in time and completely altered history by saving his mother’s life.

And that’s really the secret to The Flash’s success, the key to what has made it perhaps the most widely beloved of the superhero series on TV at the moment (certainly on regular network television). Its writing is reliably strong – both faithful to the comic book adventures and inventive enough to make the ideas work in a different medium.

Out of the 46 episodes so far released, it’s a tough job to whittle it down to just the eight best. But here at We Got This Covered, we like a good challenge, so that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done….